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Over the next few weeks, you will, if you want, learn how to use Outlook. Even if you are an Outlook specialist, you can join us and add your comments.

My expertise is in the Microsoft Office products. I enjoy teaching them, and like to see them used to help clients work faster and better. That is why my approach to teaching Office is a little different. I like to describe best practices, and then show you how to use the product to achieve those best practices.

Most technology education focuses on how to use the product, all the features that are available, and may delve into how to use those features in the real world, but usually you are left alone to figure that out on your own.

So, with that in mind, this blog will teach you how to use Outlook, but at first, you will learn some best practices. For example, a best practice for email is the manner in which you name your folders. This will be discussed first, followed by instructions on how to create folders using examples based on the best practices you have already learned.

The blog will contain text, screen captures, and even embedded YouTube videos.

I look forward to the following weeks, and to reading your comments. Remember, I am not the only expert on this subject, and I am certainly not an expert in how you need to use Outlook. With that in mind, please share your thoughts with this community, some of your Outlook stories, and perhaps other best practices will be revealed.

Here’s to learning how to use Outlook!

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